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Q: How can I see how my customized style will look?

NUORIKKO: We suggest using our style guide as a starting point to see how to style the pieces of our collection together. If you’re having trouble envisioning the combination you want, that’s exactly why we also offer stylist services! Book a consultation and one of our experts will walk you through the steps to customize your look, and depending on the package you order, can even create sketches and photo mock-ups specifically for you.

Q: Will the combination I order look like they come together as one dress?

NUORIKKO: Yes. We have designed a our entire collection to work together in almost any style you can imagine, creating a seamless design for your individual look. There are also a variety of looks that are suitable to be worn as “separates”, creating a casual and fun style.

Q: Will my dress fit perfectly if it’s made to order?

NUORIKKO: Our goal in providing a made to order service is to offer products to suit your body shape and your personal style as best as possible. However, even with Made-to-Order products we don’t expect that all items will fit perfectly upon receipt. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as weight change between time of order and receipt of items, small discrepancies in measuring, or even general fit issues that can only be resolved with a physical tailor. Because of this, each of our items have been designed for easy alterations or adjustments.

Q: Will I still need alterations if the pieces are customized?

NUORIKKO: Sometimes brides may need small alteration after receiving the pieces to achieve the perfect fit, however we don’t expect any hefty alterations at all. For example you may need a small tuck in or let out on the waistband or bust. If you’d like to have your skirt length made-to-measure, we can absolutely accommodate that! Book a consultation with a stylist to learn more.

Q: Is it easy to make adjustments to the pieces?

NUORIKKO: Yes. If your dress doesn’t fit perfectly, no need to panic! You can have any of our designs easily altered at an experienced local tailor to achieve the perfect fit. All of our pieces are designed with easy alteration in mind, as we’ve made material allowances on the inside  seams of all our products to allow alteration adjustment of up to one size larger, should this be required.

Q: Will you provide alterations for my order?

NUORIKKO: We do not provide any alteration services. Any experienced local tailor will be able to help with alterations if any needed, and all of our pieces are specifically designed for easy alterations.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

NUORIKKO: All of our designs are made when you order, we do not carry ready to wear pieces. Our usual turnaround time once the order is in will be at 8 weeks including shipping time. International orders please allow for 10 weeks. 

Q: Do you do rush orders?

NUORIKKO: Of course! We can accommodate rush orders that are completed and delivered in as little as 3 weeks. This is considered a customized order, so book a consult with a stylist to get a quote and we’ll help you get your items in time for your wedding date.

Q: What is your return policy?

NUORIKKO: Every Nuorikko product is made-to-order specifically for you, so we cannot accept returns. We do guarantee our quality and construction, so if there is a verified quality issue or defect, we will replace or repair it at no charge to you. If your garment doesn’t fit, that is not considered a defect, so make sure you’re ordering the size that suits you best (try booking a consultation with a personal stylist to make sure)!

Q: There is a quality issue. What do I do?

NUORIKKO: You must contact us within 10 days of receiving your order with any quality concerns or issues. A personal stylist will walk you through submitting photos and details of your concerns, and determine if there is cause for a repair or replacement. Then we will work with you to get the issue corrected as quickly as we possibly can.


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